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Post  door on Sun Feb 17, 2013 5:54 pm

1.) Ingame name?

2.) What position are you applying for?
Support or Moderator

3.) Do you have any experience as a staff member in other servers? If so, list them
As a lot of you know, i was a Helper on the old RuneDesign, then after a week i was promoted to a Moderator. I was known to be one of the best Moderators along with my friend max combat. I was a Moderator on a server called Superwhip, and was later promoted to Administrator because i was such a good help and people felt that was a good position for me to be in. I'm also experienced with all the commands which we have and know all rules and guide lines in which to follow.

4.) How long have you been playing the server now?
Iv'e been playing Since the old RuneDesign all the way through until now, and plan on sticking around for the whole time RuneDesign is around.

5.) Why would you like to become Moderator/Administrator?

I'd like to become a moderator because i'm online every day for hours and hours helping people, training and i'm always online and seeing no other staff online. I'm also experienced with using all the staff commands and i've not once been demoted during my Moderating days. I'm also very friendly, love communication with the players, and i'd always follow the rules, never abuse my powers and will always help players in need. Becoming a Moderator again will help the server out so much as people would be following by the rules and would have a good staff member online everyday incase they need assistance. I'd never use my powers to a unprofessional advantage, would always be used to a professional usage. I'm also wanting to help out the server so much as RD is my in my eyes the #1 server around because of the players, the game and the main owners.

Thanks for taking the time to reading my application

King Regards



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