Runemergency would like to be a fair MOD

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Runemergency would like to be a fair MOD

Post  franzpenner on Tue Dec 25, 2012 6:28 am

My ingame name is Runemergency

I want to become a MOD

I was Mod in some servers but not in Rs

I play this server now like a week but I've played other games that were not as good as this and I played RS alot of years

I want to become a MOD because I:
- am very friendly to other players.
- like it to help other players very much.
- will report bugs, scammers, spammers, glitches and other forbidden things.
- have alot of spare time and I'm online every day.

If I'm a mod, I'm going to take this thing seriously, I want to help other players with problems and report forbidden things.
I hope I will be a MOD soon.


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