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Post  MasonMcCall on Sun Dec 23, 2012 5:00 pm

Hello my in-game name is Mason and i am applying for the Helper position. I was a Moderator on a server called Pk2Death, donated to that server, and was online everyday. I have played alot of different server but this one dragged me in and i played more and got more known in the game and just fell in love with the server. I have been playing this new updated server since it was up and was a donator and respected figure on the old server. I would like to become a helper on this server because i am very good at helping and can provide the help for new players, because i have played Runescape for about 4+ years now. I am very experienced and being a helper will make a massive impact on the server, because i never see one online. I am dedicaded to what i do and will never abuse commands or powers that are given to me.

Thank you for reading and considering my offer hopefully you contact me soon to give me some good news.


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