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Every Command in game! -JAMFLEX- Empty Every Command in game! -JAMFLEX-

Post  Jamed on Mon Dec 03, 2012 10:55 pm

Ok hey guys thanks for going on to this topic, if you haven't already downloaded the client download it here:


If you have any more commands post it as a comment Smile


::report (playername)
::changepassword (your desired password)
::yell (your text)

Mod Commands:
::jail (playername)
::unjail (playername)
::ban (playername)
::unban (playername)
::mute (playername)
::unmute (playername)
::kick (playername)
::sendhome (playername)
::xteletome (playername)
::xteleto (playername)

Admin Commands:
::ipmute (playername)
::xteletome (playername)
::xteleto (playername)
::unipmute (playername)
::item (item code)
::ipban (playername)
::checkbank (playername)

Owner Commands:
::giveadmin (playername)
::givemod (playername)
::pnpc (npc code)
::givedonor (playername)
::demote (playername)
::setlevel (use as) ::setlevel levelid levelyouwant playername
::checkinv (playername)

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